Craig & Theresa Bartels, Industry Short Sale Experts, Publish Book On Short Sales

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Craig and Theresa Bartels Release Short Sale book for home sellers, debunking many myths and helping home sellers that are caught in periods of financial distress get on with their lives.  Book can be purchased online at

Craig and Theresa Bartels have become two of the most forward thinking real estate agents in the Indianapolis, IN marketplace.   After selling 17 homes to investors in 96 hours, they both realized that selling real estate was in their blood.  In a down economy, while other agents are jumping ship in record numbers, they have consistently grown and even doubled production year after year in these trying economic times.

Both members of The Master Sales Society, an international association of elite sales professionals, Craig and Theresa have learned what it takes to be successful in real estate sales.

Utilizing some of the most unique marketing available to the real estate industry, Craig and Theresa, as two of the co-founders of The Indy Realty Shop
, have smashed industry norms.  With their unique investor relationships and management of over 400 single family homes in the Indianapolis marketplace, investment clubs and industry experts alike consult routinely with this unique couple.  

Craig and Theresa have sold hundreds of short sale homes, helping honest American's that have fallen on hard times.  They realized quickly that sellers in financial distress were being given inaccurate, often life altering miss-information.  At that point, Craig and Theresa teamed up with Tim and Julie Harris, two other industry experts, to produce this life changing book on short sales.

Craig and Theresa reside in the Zionsville, In area with their 4 children.

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