Craig Bartels with Bill Glazer

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Craig Bartels with Bill Glazer

Craig Bartels meet with marketing expert Bill Glazier.
You are the company you keep. Craig meet with the top two more influential marketing experts in the United States for 4 days of intensive training. What was brought back from this expensive retreat was how best to sell your Indianapolis real estate home or help you find your Indianapolis real estate home.

About Bill Glazier:
Bill's first career was as a retailer of fine menswear in Baltimore, Maryland. He eked out a respectable living in that Industry for over two decades. But then in 1995 he attended a seminar that literally changed his life. It was one of those big traveling success Seminars that Dan Kennedy spoke at that was mentioned above.

Shortly after listening to Dan, he invested in all of his books and resources, newsletters and afterwards, he began writing his own ads, sales letters, postcards, websites, emails, you name it…experiencing extraordinary success. As you can imagine, he was hooked! So hooked, that he studied ALL of the great copywriters and became obsessed with cultivating the ability to put words on paper that compel people to give him money. And the obsession has paid off handsomely.

Bill and his "Outside The Box" Advertising Strategies have often been featured in the most prestigious Marketing Magazines in the world. Most recently, DM News, which is the newspaper of record for Direct Marketers, ran a feature story on Bill's Outrageous Advertising Strategies That Are Outrageously Effective.
In 2000, the industry journal MR Magazine named Bill and his Marketing System to the list of the 100 Top People, Places, and Things Impacting the Industry at the Millennium…the equivalent of being named to People or Time Magazine's list of the 100 most noteworthy or influential individuals.

Perhaps the shining jewel of Bill's accomplishments was his winning the prestigious RAC Award in 2002. This honor is equivalent in advertising and marketing as the Oscars are to movies and the Emmys to television.
Today, Bill Glazer is one of the most celebrated Marketing Gurus in the world, who along with the legendary Dan Kennedy have teamed up to provide advice to over 130,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in every possible industry and profession.